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3 Things You Should Know About Your Floor Drains

A floor drain is usually installed when a basement is built (or a basement waterproofing system is retrofitted) because the drain allows water below the floor to potentially drain outside where it won’t cause flooding. It is designed to handle any discharge of water once the moisture levels become substantially above what the rest of the foundation can handle by itself. If a floor drain fails, it can cause a flood that will ruin drywall, furniture, and all kinds of other stuff. There is really no reason to skip this part of your basement waterproofing system if you have one.

1. Have a drain

The purpose of a basement floor drain is to deal with the water that comes into your basement or crawl space; a floor drain diverts this water away from the home and out a sump well or through the sewer system. But if your floor drain is clogged, even if you have one, your home can flood. How are homeowners supposed to know that their floor drain works?

2. Importance of a drain at home

Floor drains are usually installed at the lowest point of a basement. Behind the wall they are designed to send any unwanted water rushing away from the home via gravity. Drains work better when they are located directly below a floor, but can be installed in other areas as long as they are still lower than any part of the foundation.

3.  Issues that arise with floor drains.

Floor drains can be one of the biggest threats to a home’s safety and health. When they work they prevent water from damaging flooring and drywall, but if they become blocked with leaves or other debris they can cause a flood. Some types of floor drains are easy to unclog while others require professional help to remove serious clogs. Cleaning them is usually fairly easy, but in some cases the drain could be threatened by burst water pipes or it could get clogged with damage out of sight in the pipe below. If you’re unsure if you have a floor drain, where it is, or how to make sure it is working properly, we can help.

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