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Anti-slip Nano Waterproofing Technology

Le Fong Anti-Slip Nano Floor Coating is a non-invasive anti-slip solution that enhances floor safety by providing additional friction. This ultra-hard coating significantly reduces the risk of slip-and-fall accidents to virtually zero. With its grainy texture, your coated floors in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas become safer for everyone, especially the elderly and those with limited mobility.

Ideal for Homes with Vulnerable Individuals

We strongly advocate using Le Fong Anti-Slip Nano Floor Coating in homes with elderly residents. In Singapore, the risk of serious injuries from falls among the elderly (aged 60 and above) remains high. Our solution also offers significant benefits to homes with pregnant women and individuals with special needs, enhancing safety across all these groups.

Who Benefits Most from Anti-Slip Floors?

  • Senior Citizens: Minimising the danger of serious injuries from bathroom slips is vital for elderly loved ones whose susceptibility to accidents increases with age.
  • Pregnant Women: Expecting mothers face heightened risks of slipping; our solution supports their safety throughout the pregnancy.
  • Special Needs: Enhance the independence of people with special needs by making bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas safer and more accessible.

Top Choice for Homes and Public Spaces

Renowned for its reliability, Le Fong’s Anti-Slip Floor Coating is a preferred choice among homeowners, including celebrities and public figures in Singapore, thanks to our effective, surface-friendly application methods. This solution is suitable for both residential and commercial settings like laboratories and restaurant kitchens where slip risks are prevalent.

Features of Le Fong Anti-Slip Nano Floor Coating

  • Non-Acid Etching: Provides a robust, glossy layer without damaging existing floor surfaces.
  • Excellent Friction: Offers outstanding slip resistance, effectively preventing accidents.
  • Scratch & Stain Resistant: Adds a protective layer that guards against everyday wear and tear.
  • Easy to Clean: Despite its texture, the coating prevents dust and water retention, making it simple to maintain.
  • Rapid Waterproofing: Acts as a waterproof barrier, protecting against moisture penetration.
  • Enhance & Renew Surfaces: Revitalizes floor appearances without altering their look significantly.

In Singapore, reducing slip and fall risks is crucial, especially for the elderly. Le Fong Anti-Slip Floor Coating can be applied on various surfaces, including porcelain tiles, wooden decking, walkways, and more, making it a versatile and essential safety feature for any property.

Ready to safeguard your home or workplace with top-tier anti-slip protection? Contact Le Fong today to learn more about our Anti-Slip Nano Waterproofing Coating services and take the first step towards a safer environment. Don’t wait—ensure peace of mind and safety for everyone who steps into your space!


What is Le Fong Anti-Slip Floor Coating?

Le Fong Anti-Slip Floor Coating is a non-invasive, durable solution designed to increase the friction of floor surfaces, significantly reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. It is ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

Who should consider using Le Fong Anti-Slip Floor Coating?

This coating is particularly recommended for households with elderly members, pregnant women, and individuals with special needs, as it helps prevent falls that could lead to serious injuries.

What surfaces is Le Fong Anti-Slip Floor Coating suitable for?

The coating can be applied to a variety of surfaces including porcelain tiles, outdoor wooden decking, garden sandstone walkways, clay tile flooring, metal or ceramic swim decks, concrete surfaces, granite, and marble flooring.

Does the coating change the appearance of the floor?

No, Le Fong Anti-Slip Floor Coating enhances and renews the appearance of floors without dramatically changing their color, texture, or overall look. It provides a glossy, protective layer that is scratch and stain resistant.

Is the coating easy to maintain?

Yes, despite its grainy texture, the coating prevents water and dust from adhering, making it easy to clean and maintain. It helps in keeping surfaces hygienic by preventing bacteria and mold growth.

Can Le Fong Anti-Slip Floor Coating be used in commercial settings?

Absolutely, it is an excellent choice for areas in commercial settings such as laboratories, restaurant kitchens, and other workplaces where slip risks are high.

How does Le Fong ensure the safety of the coating application?

Le Fong’s Anti-Slip Floor Coating uses a non-acid etching method that provides a strong and effective layer without damaging the existing floor surfaces, ensuring both safety and durability.