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Are Awnings Waterproof?

Awnings in Singapore, by their very nature, are designed predominantly for use in sunny conditions. UPF 50+ fabrics offer protection against harmful UV rays and provide sufficient shade so that you can make the most of your outdoor area during the sunnier months.

No awnings on the market are intended for use in moderate to heavy rain or extremely windy weather, and as such, this is never recommended by manufacturers. The danger is that water can start to collect in the fabric and damage the awning or structure.

Nevertheless, some owners may choose to keep the cover extended during the occasional light shower to avoid having to retreat inside. This is common with higher-quality awnings that can be resilient enough to withstand moderate conditions without any damage, although this depends on the model you choose.  This would however require a pitch of 15 degrees to prevent any damage and avoid voiding the product’s warranty.

Pergola Awnings

With pergola awnings, you have front support posts which stabilize the awning and offer a sturdier design, with adjustable front support available so that you can manually drain water if required. The pitch and fabric will play a key role in ensuring water don’t pool on the cover and prevent it from losing its shape.

Both Markilux and Weinor have accommodated the Singapore’s changeable weather with a range of innovative sun, rain and wind sensors that can sit discretely within the front profile or alongside the awning cassette. This helps keep your awning protected if you’ve nipped out and there’s an unexpected shower by retracting the awning automatically.

Full cassette awnings provide additional peace of mind when the awning is closed, with the fabric being completely enclosed within the cassette.

Can My Awning be Used on a Windy Day?

Markilux and Weinor awnings are tested at various wind speeds and can withstand up to 23 mph speeds. Higher speeds of up to 30 mph can be achieved on pergola and freestanding awnings which have been designed to provide added protection for more exposed areas.

With retractable patio awnings you have the added benefit of a wind vibration sensor which is included as standard. The sensor will automatically retract the cover when speeds increase to help protect the arms from any wind damage.

Can Awnings be Used in Winter?

Awnings can be used all year round and, whilst primarily as sun protection, may be used in light rain. The wind, rain, and snow you will often get during Singapore winters must be removed to avoid an awning becoming damaged.

Do Awnings Protect From Rain?

Awnings by their nature are not designed for heavy rainfall but can withstand some light rain. Most awnings are fitted with wind sensors as standard which help provide added protection from bad weather. So if your question is “Can awnings be used in rain?”, here is our answer:

Most awnings can offer some degree of water protection, though most can’t be classified as waterproof due to the fact that they can only sustain light rainfall. Your awning may be damaged if it’s hit by heavy rains and not designed with that purpose. But don’t be discouraged, there are plenty of options if you already have an awning that isn’t providing adequate rain protection. Take a look at the awning types on our site, we provide guidance on the best materials that fit your needs,

Is Awning Fabric Waterproof?

Our awning fabrics are designed to be water-resistant only. The Markilux Perla does however come with a special waterproof coating which makes it more repellent to water and ideal for commercial outdoor areas.

Erhardt Patio Awning

What Is The Best Material For an Awning?

The best material for your awning depends on the technical requirements you have. If your priority is visibility, perforated awning fabrics may be the way to go with impressive transparency and good air permeability. Sturdy materials that are prepared against strong wind gusts or have flame retardant coatings are all available, view our awning fabric style collection to know more.

What Is The Best Material For Outdoor Awnings?

Each awning fabric has its own special coating which helps create a self-cleaning effect that is ideal for the outdoors. This coating provides additional protection against light and temperature changes as well as resistance to light rain. Both Weinor and Markilux fabrics are manufactured from fabric using modern weaving technology for increased longevity from damaging sunlight. Finding the best fabric for your awning isn’t difficult; take a look at our guide to awning fabrics and easily find one that matches your outdoor area and personal preference.

Choosing an Awning Fabric

All awning fabrics use a water-resistant coating to help repel water. Special collections like the Markilux Perla range have been designed specifically for increased protection against rain, using high-tech fabrics to create a transparent coating that is pleasing to the eye.

Both Weinor and Markilux use high-quality polyester and acrylic fabric for all their awnings, particularly with fabric roof awnings in mind, relying on its resistance against rain along with its high level of sun protection. This helps stop harmful UV rays from entering your property and keeps family and friends protected even when the sun is at its highest point

How Long do Fabric Awnings Last?

Good quality fabric awnings, like the Markilux and Weinor designs we supply, will last for many years, as long as they receive appropriate awning care and maintenance. At Roché Awnings, the products we install are built to need only low levels of maintenance and our installation process is made with longevity in mind. Contact our team of experts to book a free, no-obligation survey with a member of our expert team.

Are Retractable Awnings Waterproof?

Retractable awnings are manufactured to protect your patio from harsh sunlight and wind gusts (our retractable awnings come with standard wind sensors, that automatically retract your awning when the wind reaches a certain level). As for rainfall, we provide water-resistant fabrics that are extensively tested for rain protection. For extra reassurance, our awnings can be controlled remotely, so you can retract them from afar if the weather turns suddenly.

Finding Your Perfect Awning

Our team can help you find the perfect awning to help make the most of your outdoor space, providing sun protection and privacy, and with no compromise needed on style or functionality. Use the awning to create an extra room for entertaining family and friends, as well as protecting expensive patio furniture which might otherwise be exposed to the elements.

Speak to our team about a free site survey and start exploring your outdoor area.