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1. Suitable for Homogeneous Tile, Cement Floor, Marble, Granite and Pebble Stone surface.
(Not suitable for printed pattern ceramic tile, as it will etch away the surface layer.)
2. AS17 etching treatment is an invisible floor treatment, not a coating.

Application Instruction:

1. Pour AS17 on the floor, scrub with hard brush.
2. AS 17 will etch the tile surface in about 20 minutes, to increase the slip resistance.
3. Test it by stepping on it to feel the slip resistance.
4. After treatment, rinsed immediately with water.
5. Do not over treat, otherwise, color changes, and the floor will be roughen with the tendency to
trap dirt and stain


Coverage: 16 m2
/ liter
Packing: 1 kg-bottle, 5 kg-carboy, 10 kg-carboy, 20 kg Jerry-can


Maintenance after the Treatment:

1. Simply keep it free of dirt and oil.
2. Do not apply wax or apply glossing solutions containing wax to a treated floor.
3. Wax will increase the chances of slip and falls.


It will whiten or dull the black or dark color tiles or stone surface.

Do testing on a small area to check for color changes, before treating the whole area.
Corrosive: It will corrode Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Glass.
Storage: Keep using the original containers, do not switch to other containers. Make sure the cap is
closed tightly, and store in a dark or shaded location.

Safety precautions:

Wear safety shoes or gumboots, PVC long gloves or nitrile gloves, and safety goggles.
Skin contact: Wash immediately with soap and plenty of water.
Eye contact: Flush the eye for 15 minutes with plenty of water and seek medical attention
Above are our recommendations based on in-house testing and experience.
When in doubt, please do preliminary testing on-site before use.