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Benefits Of Waterproof Caulking Your Commercial Building

Waterproof caulking is the act of filling joints, seams, and gaps in a building with a waterproof sealant. The most common form is silicone caulking, although other types might be available as well. Home and business owners should consider waterproof caulking if they have open spaces between windows, doors, and other parts of the exterior of the home.

Interior waterproof caulking for kitchens, bathrooms, etc. can also be beneficial. The following is everything to know about why waterproof caulking is often necessary and the benefits of filling joints, seams and gaps with a waterproof sealant.

Why Do Buildings Need Waterproof Caulking?

Over time, wear and tear can cause construction materials to deteriorate and lose elasticity. This leads to the need for waterproof caulking to fill in the open spaces. Waterproof caulking is ideal for exterior components of homes and commercial properties, including window frames, door frames, expansion joints, concrete parts, and more.

It can also be used indoors to protect from water damage and other potential issues. Essentially any area where two dissimilar components meet will likely require waterproof caulking to ensure a proper seal.

There are many benefits to routine waterproof caulking for homes and commercial properties. It can help prevent damage to the property, reduce the risk of health hazards developing, improve the appearance of the property and reduce energy costs each month.

Avoid Costly Damage

Gaps, cracks, and seams have the potential to lead to damage that is costly to repair. Most notably, water damage to the floor and walls can occur over time if a building does not have the proper waterproof caulking.

It is especially important to provide the proper waterproof caulking to the exterior of your property. Otherwise, your building is at an increased risk of getting damaged when there is an excess amount of rain or snow. Waterproof caulking also protects the interior of your home, particularly areas in which water is used regularly such as the bathroom and kitchen. The garage and basement are also more vulnerable to water damage.

Water damage to office building

Water damage can turn into a huge issue and require the replacement of the floor and other parts of your commercial building that are impacted. Therefore, waterproof caulking often yields a return on your investment long-term by preventing costly damage.

Keep Out Health Hazards

Water damage is a rather large issue for commercial buildings. However, mold and mildew can pose an even larger concern. The growth of mildew or mold inside or around your commercial building can lead to a health hazard for employees.

In many instances, black mold may develop, which can lead to symptoms that include chronic coughing, irritation of the eyes, chronic fatigue, and persistent headaches. Black mold, along with other forms of mildew and mold damage, can also be incredibly costly to repair. It often requires the replacement of all floors, walls, and other construction components that are affected as black mold removal is often very difficult.

Improve Aesthetics

One of the primary reasons business owners choose this specific caulking for their commercial building is to improve its appearance. It is important for commercial locations to provide a professional aesthetic appearance, especially if they are trying to sell a product or service to customers.

Restaurants, retail stores, and similar commercial properties can greatly benefit from an improved building appearance that high-quality moisture reducing caulking provides. Office buildings can also benefit from a more attractive office, and it can instill company pride among employees when they come to an attractive office each workday.
Interior of unique restaurant

Reduce Energy Bill

Another practical benefit of waterproof caulking your commercial building is reduced energy costs. When there are homes around the exterior of your home, it is much harder to keep the outdoor air from entering in.

Also, the air provided through the vents can leave the home as well. This causes the HVAC system to work longer and harder than it normally would with proper caulking, which leads to increased costs. You can keep the unwanted outdoor air out and keep the inside temperature at the desired level through waterproof caulking to seal all gaps, seams and joints between doors, windows and walls.

Contact the Commercial Caulking Professionals to Schedule a Consultation

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Our friendly team is also more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We respond promptly to all who are interested in our services, and we work with commercial buildings of all sizes.

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