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Can Epoxy Crack Injections Be Applied Underwater?

Epoxy injection has become an important method of repairing concrete. Instead of patching a crack over with fresh concrete, holes are drilled into the concrete and then an incredibly strong epoxy is pumped into the holes. This epoxy bonds with the concrete, closing the crack and keeping the concrete together. It’s an excellent way to repair concrete that has suffered damage or erosion and provides a much stronger bond than many other repair methods.

Concrete repair underwater has always been a challenge for even the most experience team of workers. With water continually entering the damaged areas, making it harder for the repair grouting to bond with the concrete, many building owners believe that underwater damage is simply not repairable.

However, epoxy crack injections can repair damage underwater. New products have been created that work in both salt and fresh water and we have become experts in these types of repair jobs.

The epoxy is denser than the water so that when it’s applied, it forces the water out of the holes and cracks. This forces the epoxy where it needs to go and allows it to bond with the concrete. The pump works quicker than on dry land so that we can ensure that there’s no water left behind to affect the repair.

As this cures within hours, the bond between epoxy and concrete hardens and strengthens, making it perfect for concrete structures such as docks or bridges. Instead of having to replace the concrete structure, our trained employees can make your marine buildings almost as good as new.

If you need concrete repair in a marine environment, and need to find a company that can repair underwater concrete in a timely, safe, and effective manner, contact us. We’re an industry leader who has perfected these repair methods.