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Characteristics of nano fluorocarbon aluminum plastic sheet

Nano fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel has the following advantages:

Nano-fluorocarbon aluminum composite panels use a variety of high-quality coatings, which are not easy to produce dirt on the surface. Natural rainwater can achieve self-cleaning effect, eliminating the cost of maintenance and maintenance of high-rise buildings.
2. Environmental protection
The nano fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel has excellent oxidation resistance, no change in surface layer, no pollution to the environment, and can resist the pollution of external acid, alkali, solvent and detergent, so that it is not easy to stick to the surface.
3. Durability
Compared with traditional fluorocarbon aluminum composite panels, nano-fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel fluorocarbon three-coated aluminum composite panel has durability, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance and oxidation resistance.
4. Recyclability
The nano fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel can be separated and recycled by aluminum and plastic to realize recycling of resources and reduce environmental pollution.