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Five shower screen ideas for your next bathroom revamp

Are you planning to revamp your bathroom? Want to give it a brand-new look?

Shower screens create a sleek and neat look and highlight the decorative features of your bathroom, such as tiles and the bath. Plus, they don’t compete with other design elements, which is especially significant in smaller bathrooms.

Today, in this article, we have listed five stunning shower screen ideas for your next bathroom renovation. Let’s explore them with a leading installer of shower screens in Singapore.

1. Frameless shower screens

If you’re looking for something minimal yet bold for your bathroom – go for a frameless shower screen. Its a seamless look along with heavy-duty fittings and water seal system will make your shower sophisticated. Also, these shower screens can be easily customised to fit any awkwardly shaped bathroom area and are easy to clean as the entire glass panel is frameless. In addition to the frameless design, these shower screens also offer a more hygienic solution to those typical screens or curtains.

2. Semi-framed shower screens

A semi-framed shower screen consists of a metal or plastic frame around the outer edges of the enclosure, excluding the door. This particular renovation option gives you the freedom to stay minimal yet spacious. Due to its reinforced structure, semi-framed screens are a more sturdy option than fully framed shower screens. Also, these screens have slightly thinner glazing than frameless options, which lets you add more elegance to the

3. Framed shower screens

Framed shower enclosures have a wide range of designs that are available in square, rectangular and semi-circle shapes. The enclosures feature metal or plastic around the structure, including the door. These shower screens are ready to fit, thus saving time and enhancing convenience.

4. Sliding shower screens

If you have a small bathroom but still want to have a shower in it – consider installing a sliding shower screen. This type of shower screen features two sliding doors and provides easy access without compromising the bathroom space. In addition, sliding shower screens are easy to install and have low maintenance.

5. Custom shower screens

If you want something that perfectly fits your bathroom shape and design, you can get a custom-made shower screen. You can have custom shower screens that can be designed to your specific needs, including size, shape and material. Plus, you can even choose unique designs imprinted into the glass or coloured screens for an exciting finish.

If you’re looking for shower screens in Singapore that are functional yet aesthetically pleasing, check out our wide-ranging collection of sliding doors, frameless and semi-frameless screens in Geelong.