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Get A Glass Shower & Never Worry About An Old Grimey Shower Curtain Again

How are you loving that old bathroom of yours? The “closet” shower with 70’s style faucet and nowhere to put the soap bottle? That’s a pain.

Why does your bathroom have to be so uninspiring?

And how about that shower curtain? It might be so dark in your bathroom, you can’t even see the grime, mould and mildew that’s lurking in the folds.

Old Shower Curtains: Yuck!!

That’s just the nature of shower curtains and plastic liners. They should have a label on them that says, “Do Not Touch.”  The materials themselves seem to be magnetized to capture perspiration, mould, bacteria, viruses, mildew and calcium. It’s so awful, it’s tough to talk about let alone have to shower near it.

Do a search on Google and you’ll find thousands of web pages with tips on how clean them by hand, in the washer, and about the types of chemical cleaners to use.

Putting mouldy shower curtains in your washer may not be a good idea. Mould is nasty stuff, and you should keep a watch for any on your windows or in your bathroom.

Winter season isn’t such a bad time to install a new shower and shower enclosure.  And can you think of a more rewarding time to begin enjoying your new shower than during these next 3 months of cold, dull, depressing weather?

All it takes really, is a little commitment to you and your desire to improve your home and lifestyle. If you want the benefits, you need to make the changes.

Quite a bit of the demand for new showers and new glass shower enclosures is due to the emotional lift of having a wonderful spa-like environment and some is the freedom from cleaning.

Easy, Maintenance Free Bathrooms

I just spoke with a successful business owner in Markham who told me how he loves his new “hotel” style bathroom.


His biggest concern was how easy it is to maintain. Since he and his wife are very busy managing a fast food outlet, it’s a relief to them to avoid cleaning.

And he liked how the shower enclosure bowed outward giving him lots of elbow room.

New showers are low maintenance, simple, clean, and there’s an excellent selection of new hardware that makes taking a shower a joy. Take a look at this custom shower design gallery and you’ll have to admit they are beautiful. And the frameless glass doors that swing out make it easy to access, and give you a sense of space and freedom.

If you’ve purchased any new home renovation, you have to admit that a new custom shower would give you a big emotional lift.  Getting rid of shower curtains and installing a glass shower enclosure is a decision you’ll be glad you made.  And, the new pulsating faucets are a pretty amazing feature too.