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Most Effective Ways To Unblock A Sink

No household is immune from suffering a blocked sink. With the amount of use it gets through the year it is inevitable that it requires a degree of maintenance to uphold its integrity.

So here we thought we would enlighten you with some useful tips and measures that you can put into place to unblock your sink when you spot an issue.

That way you can save yourself a little bit of money when you can avoid having to call out an experienced plumber, when you know the most effective ways to unblock small blockages yourself.

Read our top tips below to see how you can prepare yourself to effectively unblock a sink!

1. Use A Plunger

Everyone has heard of a plunger. But not everyone may know how to effectively use it to unclog a sink.

There are a number of simple steps that you need to take before using the plunger to get the most effective use out of it.

Clear the Drain – Firstly you must ensure that all lying water in the sink has been removed, along with the possible food or hair debris. Adorn the rubber gloves and a cup and bail out the standing water so that the basin is then relatively water free. Make sure that you also plug up the overflow with an old cloth or towel.

Clear the Plug – Ensure that the plughole has also been cleaned and cleared. Remove the debris that you can get a hold of and then do a test to see if this has helped the water to drain away. Just run your tap quickly to see if the water now drains away.

Grab the Plunger – Once you have followed the above steps, it is time to grab the plunger. Place the plunger around the sinkhole and then fill up a small amount of water in the basin (around an inch should do). Now firmly press the plunger up and down, ensuring to not be too aggressive with the motion. This will create a suction that should dislodge any minor blockages that are stopping your sink from draining. If this does not work, you may have to consider another method (explained below) or calling out an experienced plumber to help!

2. Use DIY Tools To Unclog Your Sink

There are also a number of helpful aids that you can buy that will help you to clear stubborn sink blockages. We have gathered a list here.

Drain Snake – A drain snake is a helpful tool to have in every homeowner’s arsenal. It is a long flexible tool that can bend through your pipework and be used to dislodge stubborn blockages in your plumbing system. They are cheap and easy to use, requiring no force to use. All you need to do is rotate the handle back and forth, letting the head of the tool do the legwork for you. You can pick one of these up at your local hardware stores or online at places like Amazon.

Wire – Now this is a DIY version of a drain snake but can be used as a quick alternative should you not have the tool to hand. Simply straighten a coat hanger and gently push it down your sink hole. With a small application of pressure this can be helpful and effective at unblocking your sink.

DIY Drain Jet – Now this will not always work, but it is harmless to give a try. All you need is two empty bottles and some hot water. Fill up the bottles with the hot water, place them at the opening of the sink and squeeze the water down forcefully. This may work as a weaker version of a drain jet, that can dislodge blockages and flush them down your pipe-works.

3. The Use of Drain Blockers

Now this is a controversial one, but the use of certain chemicals can be effective in
dislodging small blockages without having to make the call to a plumber.

Sink unblocker chemicals work by dissolving the blockage and passing through it down your drain pipe. You will pour an entire bottle of the chemical down your pipes and follow the application instructions that the product has on the bottle.

Once done you will need to flush hot water down your drains and this can be a great way to keep your drain clear from everyday blockages that can occur from day to day use.

It is recommended though that this is not done on a regular basis. Most chemicals are
harmful to the environment and if they are regularly used can corrode away at your pipes causing bigger plumbing issues that you will then need to remedy.

4. Call an Experienced Plumber

As alluded to earlier, there are some blockages that require professional solutions in order to remedy. You need to know when to hang your DIY hat up and call up a plumber to resolve the sink blockage effectively.

A plumber has access to higher spec equipment than what you can pick up from a
hardware store. They have investigative equipment also that can diagnose your issue and allow them to pick the best solution.

Whether they jet your drain with their high powered equipment or use their drain rods to get to places that your small drain snake could not reach, they will be better equipped to deal with the more complicated blockages that you cannot unclog.

So, it is important that you know when the limitations of your abilities and signal for
professional help instead of forcing your DIY fixes.

To Conclude

Hopefully from this article you have been able to add a few drain clearing methods to your arsenal next time you notice the water has stopped draining down the sink. Not all blockages require you to immediately dial for a professional.

There are actions that you can take yourself, that require little more than a bit of
perseverance to carry out.

But if you are ever in any doubt or uncomfortable trying to clear the drain yourself, give the professional a call. That is what they are there for after all!