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Problems with the use of aluminum plastic panel protective film

Problems with the use of aluminum plastic panel protective film:

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  1. After the installation of the aluminum-plastic panel of outer wall, it is easy to make the protective film move the glue after being irradiated by ultraviolet rays. In order to avoid the problem of chromatic aberration of the aluminum-plastic panel, the outer wall aluminum-plastic panel must use a black-and-white protective film with good anti-ultraviolet effect.  The inner wall aluminum composite panel generally uses a transparent film.
  2. Due to the difference in the material and structure of the lacquer, the aluminum-plastic panel also has different requirements for the thickness and viscosity of the protective film glue. If the thickness and viscosity of the protective film glue do not meet the requirements during use, it will also bring many problems to the consumer, such as sticking, curling, or  the protective filmcan not be tore down.
  3. Problems in the use of protective film due to printing quality

(1) The ink is transferred to the aluminum plastic plate. Due to technical reasons, the physical properties of the protective film are affected, which makes the aluminum plastic plate prone to warping.

(2) Aging crack of protective film

(3) The printed lettering produces corresponding shadows on the aluminum composite panel.

Throughout the above problems, the protective film is only an auxiliary material in the aluminum-plastic panel industry. However, if it is used improperly or if a protective film that does not meet the requirements is used, it will not only fail to protect, but may damage the surface quality of the product and affect the brand image.