Epoxy Flakes

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Decorative paint flakes incorporated in seamless epoxy and polyeurethane floor systems are a great alternative to other types of floor/wall coverings. The paint flakes are colourful, tough, low maintenance, seamless, durable and hygenic coating systems for floors, walls and other surfaces for com3mercial insitutional and domestic areas.


Uses: Hospitals, Showrooms, Clubs / Pubs, Offices, Lobbies, Clinics, Lift Interiors, Community Halls, car yards, Schools, Shops, Toilets, Garages, Workshops, Stairways, Changing Rooms, Shopping Centres, Subways, Banks, Factories, Sports Complexes, Laboratories, Driveways, Laundries, Kitchens, Homes, Auditoriums, Hotels, Patios, Supermarkets, Gymnasiums, Universities, Canteens, Classrooms, Petrol Stations, Corridors, Galleries