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Remediating Mold Myself Compared to A Professional Company

“DIY” projects, also known as Do It Yourself Projects, have been gaining popularity since the start of 2020. You should be proud of taking the initiative to complete some house projects on your own, but some jobs are better left to professionals. Cleaning out mold spots in your home may seem simple as first, but if the problem keeps reoccurring, it may be time to get professional help. Here are the main differences of cleaning mold yourself versus having a mold company tackle it. 

The Location Of The Mold

When untreated, mold is difficult to spot, and it gets worse over time. You can see mold in some cases, but oftentimes it is what you cannot see that is doing damage. For years, mold removal experts have committed themselves to fighting mold. When it comes to finding mold spots, they have a sharper eye. Mold companies also have technology and sensor equipment most homeowners do not have. This makes spotting mold issues significantly easier. 

The Cause

Homeowners may be aware of mold problems in a home, but do not know the cause. If a mold problem keeps coming back, a homeowner is probably unaware of the cause. Mold companies specialize in remediating and removing mold. Mold can take many forms. Mold companies can identify the cause and get rid of it for you, no matter what the cause may be. 


DIY jobs are not as efficient as those done by professionals, which is okay. They are called professionals for a reason: they are more capable of getting the job done efficiently and productively. 

Professional Mold Removal Services In Singapore: Le Fong Restoration 

At Le Fong Restoration, we are a trusted and reliable mold company in Singapore. We can help you detect hidden mold spots, discover the cause, and get the job done in an efficient manner. Contact us as soon as possible when you realize a D.I.Y mold job is not going as planned.