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Retractable Awning Fabric Replacement: 5 Easy Steps for A Safe and Successful Installation

Retractable awnings are a valuable asset to any outdoor space. Not only do they offer a chic look, but they also help protect you from the sun’s harsh UV rays. When it rains, a quality awning lets you enjoy your patio without worrying about getting wet.

A retractable awning offers many benefits, which is why it is critical to maintain it properly. Sometimes this means replacing awning fabric.

Awning fabric replacement may be necessary when you need to change out damaged material or just want a new look for your outdoor space. It may seem complicated at first, but all it takes is two people and a little time!

Find a friend to help you, then follow these instructions when replacing awning fabric to ensure safe and successful awning installation.


5 Steps on How to Replace Fabric on a Retractable Awning


Remove the Old Fabric

When removing the old material, be sure to keep safety in mind. First, make sure you have the appropriate tools to replace your awning material successfully. If you don’t have the right tools or feel uncomfortable doing it yourself, contact an awning expert at Sunshades of Singapore.

The first step when replacing awning fabric is to remove the old fabric. Open up your awning to let the fabric unroll. Next, get a friend to help you loosen the bars and remove them.

Once you have the bars secure, it’s time to remove the old fabric. You’ll need to:

  • Remove the screws from the awning bar.
  • Remove the end cap. Once you do this, you will see two more screws you will need to take out. Be sure to keep your screws somewhere safe since you will need them later.
  • Loosen the bar and slide out the valance.
  • Next, take out the fabric roller, followed by the fabric.

Once you successfully remove the old fabric, don’t throw it away yet! Instead, lay it down somewhere with enough space for the next step.


Measure Your Old Awning Fabric

When you replace awning fabric, you want to make sure that your new material fits. The best way to ensure this is to measure your old awning fabric.

Upon successfully removing your old awning fabric, lay it down and stretch it out so that the sides are straight. Use a tape measure or whatever measuring tool you have nearby to determine the size of your awning fabric. Write these measurements down, so you don’t forget what size you need.

This is a critical step as you don’t want to purchase a fabric that is the wrong size. Different homes and buildings have varying sizes of retractable awnings. For example, an RV awning will often be smaller than that of a house with a large outdoor patio.

Once you know the length and width of your old material, you can move on to the next step of the awning fabric replacement process.


Find the Right Size Awning Fabric Replacement

Having the correct measurements for your retractable awning makes this step much more straightforward. Take out those measurements that you were keeping handy so that you could use them as a size reference.

If buying new fabric, you want to find the material and fabric colors that you like best. Some materials are better than others at blocking sun and rain, so find one that works best for your outdoor area.

Next, double-check the measurements on the material to make sure that they will fit your particular awning.

In some cases, you will have to cut the material. Take note of the specific shape of your old awning material to make sure your replacement fabric matches. Next, use fabric-specialized scissors for more accurate and effortless cutting.

Once you finish cutting and shaping the replacement fabric, measure it against your old one to ensure its shape and size match. Then, when you are confident with the new fabric, you can move on to step four: installing the replacement material.