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Repair Solutions For Swimming Pool Concrete Crack

At Le Fong Waterproofing Contractor, we’re proud to offer not only quality swimming pool design and installation, but also swimming pool repair for those with pools that have developed issues. We assist homeowners with numerous potential swimming pool concerns, and probably the single most common such concern is the presence of cracks forming somewhere on the pool’s concrete.

Not all concrete cracks in a swimming pool are create equal or mean the same things, and it’s important to understand the differences. Here are some basics on telling them apart, noting their signs, and understanding when a repair is needed, plus some of the options available for swimming pool crack repair if it’s necessary for your pool.

Pool Crack Basics and Types

For starters, it’s important to understand that there are two broad types of cracks that may take place in your swimming pool:

  • Surface cracks: Often referring to just a crack in the pool’s shell, surface cracks generally do not go deeper than the pool’s plaster finish, meaning they do not cause leaks and are primarily cosmetic concerns.
  • Structural cracks: Deeper cracks that can develop in any area and may lead to leaks.

Structural leaks are of far greater concern when it comes to water usage and long-term pool lifespan, and they’re what we’ll address for the remainder of this blog.

Causes of Structural Cracks

There are several potential causes of structural cracks in a pool’s concrete:

  • Poor construction: If the pool was built poorly or using improper materials, or if it’s installed in a poor location such as near another structure, cracks could take place.
  • Ground movement: Hydrostatic pressure from groundwater may cause pool cracks, or significant movement events like an earthquake could have a similar impact.
  • Shifting soil: Another issue that goes back to installation is soil that shifts around the pool due to being compacted poorly, leading to settling and cracking.
  • Freezing and thawing: During winter periods, improper winterization for outdoor pools may lead to pool water freezing and thawing, which causes it to expand and contract and may cause leaks.

Signs of Structural Cracks

Here are some of the signs that a crack in your pool is structural, and not just a surface crack:

  • It will look deeper and more significant
  • The pool may be losing water
  • A pool leak test comes back positive
  • Plaster is flaking away, but concrete is intact – this is a sign of a surface crack, not a structural one

Repair Options

If you notice a significant structural crack in your pool, the repair is vital for everything from water conservation to long-term lifespan. We may take one of several approaches to repair it, from injection to applying hydraulic cement over the crack.

For more on identifying and remedying cracks in your pool’s concrete, or to learn about any of our new swimming pool or hot tub options, speak to the staff at Le Fong Contractor today.