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The Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

A sudden sulfur-like odor, low water pressure across your entire home, slow drains, and a backup at the main drain are all signs that you need sewer repair. However, consider the many advantages of trenchless sewer repair before assuming that a big dig is necessary.

Less Disruption

Repairing or replacing sewer pipes could include digging up your yard. There once was a time when creating a trench (a long hole that runs along the pipeline) was the only option to fix broken or clogged sewer drains. Pipes that are buried deep underground no longer need this type of repair solution.

Instead of having a plumber remove the topsoil, dig through the dirt, and potentially destroy your lawn or landscaping, trenchless sewer repair has a minimal effect on your yard. This saves you time and money. Following the repair, you won’t need to completely re-seed your lawn, replace plants, or hire a landscaper to put the outdoor area back together.

Eco-Friendly Option

Not only is a trenchless sewer repair less disruptive (to your yard), but it’s also an environmentally friendly choice. When you dig trenches, you destroy the outdoor environment. So even though the plumbing contractor will fill the trenches again, this type of exterior work can ruin the fragile ecosystem around your home.

Think about everything that calls the ground its home. From worms to groundhogs, the critters and creatures that live underground will need to make a hasty exit when the machines enter to dig up your yard. The trenchless method allows everything that lives underground to stay put, which keeps the immediate environment safe and sound.

Along with potentially saving the local wildlife, trenchless sewer repairs reduce the soil toxicity risk. When a plumber digs through the dirt, this can release toxins, bringing them to the surface. Once on the surface, these toxins enter the air or the water system (through rain runoff).

No Relocation

Digging trenches takes time. This type of sewer repair and replacement option often requires days to complete. During this time, you won’t have use of your home’s plumbing. No plumbing means toilets that don’t flush, sinks that don’t run, and showers that don’t work. Your family may need to leave your home, stay at a hotel, or ask friends/family for help. A several-day hotel stay only adds to the overall cost of the repair.

Unlike trench types of repairs, trenchless methods take much less time to complete. This may mean that you only lose the use of your plumbing for a few hours or one day.

Cost Savings

Add together all the advantages of trenchless repair, and you get genuine cash savings. While different contractors may charge varying prices for the job itself, the extra costs of sewer line repairs add up.

Whether you need to buy all new bushes, pay a second contractor to fill the trenches, or have other work-related repairs to make, the less destructive trenchless methods minimize these added expenses and save you money.

Working System

Even though this benefit isn’t specific to trenchless repair, it’s certainly a perk. Trenchless methods allow the plumbing contractor to replace old, worn, and damaged pipes with new ones. This leaves your home with structurally sound pipes that can effectively drain the wastewater and sewage away from your home.

Not only is this a fix for your current problem, but the new line keeps future problems from happening for years to come.