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The Sealant For All Areas

The world‘s first single-component reactive sealant

Why not simply Do It Yourself? RD 1 Universal is the perfect sealing system for the ambitious DIY enthusiast. Whether minor repairs or larger works around your private home and garden, now nothing stands between you and your home improvement plans.

  • Can be painted or plastered to suit your requirements
  • Rapid drying within 24 hours
  • No messy mixing-up is necessary
  • Can be used in partial quantities thanks to the single-component formula
  • Visible curing control
  • Silicone, solvent, and bitumen-free, hence no hazard labeling is required
  • Varied use possibilities onsite
  • All common application methods possible: spray, roll, trowel or paint on


Professional quality for the DIYer

The great advantage that Botament RD1 Universal offers – besides its universal scope – is visual curing control. During the drying process the waterproofed area gets progressively darker, so that you can see with the naked eye, when it has fully cured. Once dry, the surface can be worked over. You can now plaster or paint it to your heart‘s desire.

The result: all water-tight and looking good!

  • Still Damp
  • Fully Dried
  • Apply Next To Suit Your


Sealing balconies & terraces

There‘s no better sealant under tiles*: prior to fitting ceramic tiles RD 1 is trowelled on underneath the screed, providing lasting protection against wearand- tear and protects against damage caused by moisture or UV-radiation.

  • Sealing Protection Under Any Cover


Sealing basements & foundations

Whether minor repairs or large-scale repair works: thanks to the extremely good adhesion of Botament RD 1 Universal, Singapore waterproofing existing bituminous substrates or areas below ground, to name but a few, are carried out in next to no time.

  • Extra Strong Adhesion


Chimney repairs

Dealing with weak spots and flaws: even such a tricky job as sealing the sheet apron around a chimney is now as easy as child‘s play for a keen DIYer.


Roof gutter overhaul

No more drips: after spot-sealing leaks with RD 1 Universal, the rain gutter is absolutely leak-tight in next to no time.

  • Can also use on zinc


Small arts & crafts hobby work

Intricate work: RD 1 is ideal to precision fix or seal small areas of filigree arts & craft projects, for example in model making and handicrafts.

  • No Hazard Labelling


Roof shingle repairs

Simple repairs: simply use a brush or a scraper tool to fill cracks and holes or similar leaky spots. For lasting protection against moisture damage.

  • Easy Crack-bridging


Waterproofing garden features

Great bonding to moist substrates: thanks to a unique formula leaky areas of garden features, for instance in ponds, can still efficiently be repaired even though residual moisture may be present.

  • Leak-tight In An Instant


Sanitary water well sealing

No mixing required: sanitary water wells in your garden can reliably be sealed in just one step – no need for any preliminaries such as time-consuming priming or bitumen coating.

  • Ecological


Roofing felt repairs

Defies the elements: roofing felt on your garden or summer house is at the merci of the elements – day in, day out. It‘s then only a matter of time until cracks and leaks appear. RD 1 to the rescue for all your partial or completesurface repairs.

  • Weather & UV Resistant