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Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

For so many years, epoxy flooring has received a lot of excellent and positive reviews from homeowners and professionals from different businesses alike. Although there is a great range of floor solutions and coating choices, epoxy flooring is still the best option for commercial and industrial facilities. And why is that? It is for the reason that this option offers the following advantages:

  • Safety won’t be compromised – Epoxy flooring products are resistant to impact, slippage, and fire, having developed safety in mind. Different zones in your warehouse such as safety zones, work zones and forklift traffic zones can also be designated using different colours to define specific zones. Moreover, the application of an epoxy coating to your concrete floors will help in preventing concrete dusting, which comes from the disintegration of the unsealed and porous concrete floor surface under traffic. Apart from settling on inventory items and damaging equipment, dust from concrete poses a real threat to workers’ health.

It is very important to note that the safety of the workers doing their jobs on the floor of the facility must also be taken into consideration aside from the practical demands placed on a warehouse flooring system by the products being housed. Slip resistance should be given utmost importance especially for areas frequented by employees. Government labor codes might also require directional markings, striping, aisle delineation colours and other specifics of a flooring system, to make an across the board standard and improve worker safety. Epoxy floor coatings can be installed and customised in different colours to make sure there is compliance with safety regulations.

  • Cost effective – Epoxy flooring is cheaper because it lasts longer and resists damage due to impact much better than other floor finishes. This is the reason why it’s the most cost effective flooring option for warehouses. In addition epoxy flooring is known to reduce lighting costs, reflect light and can be applied to different thicknesses, therefore making it suitable for a wide selection of applications.
  • Durability that will last – Floor coatings made of epoxy provide some durable, hard wearing flooring solutions that can tolerate extreme foot traffic and common warehouse equipment such as forklifts without revealing any signs of tear and wear. Epoxy flooring solutions, which have been formulated to become industrial grade also have a long lifespan and will make concrete floors become chemical resistant, which can eventually save businesses hundreds to thousands of dollars in floor repairs.
  • Easy to maintain – Apart from making the look of your warehouse better, your regular concrete floor will be transformed using epoxy coating into a stain repellent, non porous smooth surface that can simply be cleaned from debris, dirt and dust. In addition you don’t have to worry anymore about bacteria typically hiding in porous concrete surfaces. Just mopping the floor with a solution that is antimicrobial is all that it needs to get a contaminant free floor that is at the same time sparkling.
  • Productivity will get a significant improvement – Epoxy flooring can significantly improve productivity in your warehouse because it allows faster inventory movement around and through the warehouse, minimise machine breakdown that goes along with employee downtime and reflect light significantly to brighter and safer working areas.
  • Improved appearance – Normally warehouses don’t require attractive décor and cool designs. Nonetheless, they must look presentable and professional. Being available in a wide selection of styles and colors, the ugly, boring, hard concrete floor along with small deformities, such as superficial cracks, can be covered by epoxy floor coatings, making it more appealing to the eyes. If you opt for the high gloss finish, your warehouse will be perceived with qualities of class and elegance and your warehouse will look well maintained at the same time.
  • Minimal disruption on business – Because epoxy floor coatings are fast and easy to apply, it means you don’t have to put your business operations on hold for an extended period. You can continue your normal warehouse operation the moment the floor dries out completely.
  • Environment-friendly – Going green is affordable and easy with epoxy floor coatings that is why it is the go to flooring solution if you want to be environmentally friendly.

Warehouse Floor Coatings That Are Both Durable and Protective

When subjected to the forces of storage facilities over time, unsealed concrete slabs are frequently inadequate. Concrete is susceptible to abrasion, abrupt impact and cracking when subjected to significant loads on a regular basis. Epoxy floor coatings applied over the considerable substrate can regularly help fix with surfacing issues and redesign the compressive strength, influence resistance and weight bearing restriction of the lump, making a strong essentially steady circulation community floor surface that can persevere through important weights and the mileage of forklifts and other current machines.

Flooring Systems for Every Type of Warehouse Storage Facility

The particular requirements of a ground surface framework in a stockroom or other storeroom will depend generally on the idea of the items being put away. While pretty much any stockroom requires a tough, safe ground surface that can endure substantial burdens and vehicle traffic, different necessities are industry explicit. A few offices lodging food and drink items, for instance, should be kept under a specific temperature for wellbeing and security reasons. For this situation, the ground surface framework picked should have the option to endure extreme temperatures and possibly a wide level of temperature variance. Different distribution centres might be lodging items that are combustible, unstable or in any case hazardous. Numerous synthetic items are unpredictable, poisonous or destructive whenever spilled or exposed to certain conditions. Contingent upon the idea of these substances, it very well might be essential to have a floor framework for a stockroom floor that gives predominant synthetic opposition, will assist with relieving the development of friction-based electricity, or in any case add to a more secure or steadier temperature in which to store the item.

Warehouse Flooring by Singapore Epoxy Floors

At Singapore Epoxy Floors, our floor specialists have broad experience working with epoxy coatings in a wide assortment of business and modern settings, including distribution centers, fabricating plants, labs and so forth. Our state of the art innovative workgroup is at the cutting edge of polymer innovation, reliably chipping away at new answers to make your warehouse flooring better and your work life more straightforward.