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Waterproofing for Internal Wet Areas – Delivery, Storage and Handling


All waterproofing products delivered to site should include the following information:

  • general description of specified waterproofing product
  • name of manufacturer/ supplier/ agent
  • areas of application
  • technical values for the specified product and related reference to any standards like SS, BS, ASTM or DIN
  • shelf life and batch reference

Products should be sealed and delivered in original packaging. Verify the stated shelf life to ensure that the product has not expired. Please refer to the Inspection and Test Plan (Appendix D) for verification of products delivered to site.

The products delivered for waterproofing should possess the properties as required by the specifications. It is important to conduct random sampling of the product and send for testing to ensure the material provided is as specified.


The Waterproofing Specialist should provide the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) that contain all the information on safe handling of chemicals and hazardous materials (see Appendix C). These data sheets must be readily available at every project, for review by employees to educate themselves on the dangers of using the materials and risks to health. Specific safety and handling requirements to ensure safe and proper material usage should also be included. The Contractor should maintain a list of the hazardous chemicals on site and ensure that all containers are properly labelled. The Applicators must be trained to recognize and safely handle the materials.

For storage of adhesive and solvents ensure that:

  • label identifies the hazardous material
  • lids are tightly closed immediately after usage
  • fire extinguishers should be accessible at storage areas
  • the different types are stored separately, away from other chemicals
  • proper disposal of all empty containers

All materials should be protected from the weather, sun, and heat, and stored in a dry and secured area. Products that require protection against moisture should be stored on a slightly elevated level rather than directly on the ground.

For handling of adhesive and solvents ensure that:

  • work area is well ventilated and lighted. Use mechanical ventilation with exhaust fans if required
  • appropriate personal protective equipment are used
  • awareness of other trades in the area. Acetylene, electrical welders and other flame or spark producing equipment may ignite vapours