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What construction solution is best for you? Rope access vs scaffolding

Living in or managing a building that’s way more taller than three stories comes with its struggles – we know. You can’t really carry out any construction or aesthetic work without rope access or scaffolding, and this can come at a price.

However, we’ve got you covered! Here at Le Fong Contractor we love using rope access but know when scaffolding is best for the job. That’s exactly why we’ve written this handy article comparing scaffolding to rope access in Singapore.

What will I need permits for?
Scaffolding in Singapore requires a permit which can cost you precious time and unnecessary stress. This is because it requires a lot of space and is quite an eyesore. However, rope access technicians may not need a permit to get on with the job at hand, and won’t ruin the view. Because of this, we can get straight up in the air and on the job to save you money and time.

What is more time-efficient?
Scaffolding takes time to set up which may mean the rates of your hired workers is more than you expected. However, it gets much deeper than this, having scaffolding in Singapore could put a lot of people off visiting your business which could cost you in visitor numbers. Rope access in Singapore is a much smoother process that allows us to work top to bottom, avoiding interference with those walking below.

How does the cost of labor and materials compare?
It’s likely with scaffolding that a lot of your construction bill will come from the hiring of the scaffolding itself and the time it takes workers to both put it up and take it down.The higher the building the more it will cost you in scaffolding, yet rope access technicians can work and move so easily between floors that we don’t need to charge any extras.With rope access technicians, a quote is simply sent out based on our labour and the cost of materials to carry out the job. It’s also important to mention rope access is considered safer for workers than scaffolding, which means it’s highly likely our insurance is cheaper too.

Which option is the safest?
Using rope access eliminates the possibility of falls that tend to happen when working with scaffolding as workers are securely attached to the two rope, fail-safe system.All of our Le Fong Contractor technicians are completely trained and certified by IRATA, the International Rope Access Trade Association, ensuring all work is carried out safely. We always ensure we are up to date with IRATA training to make sure our systems are as modernized as possible.

All of our work is planned out to the smallest detail and documented risk assessments are carried out for every job we take on.

Now relax, you’re in safe hands. Contact the team at Le Fong Contractor for a quote today.