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What is Polyurethane (PU) Grouting?

Polyurethane (PU) Injection grouting is a waterproofing technique that involves creating a polyurethane mixture whereby when this mixture is inserted with pressure into the cracks of a structure, the mixture will react and in turn expand and toughen. It is used to stop water flowing through structural joints and cracks.

PU grouting is mainly used to restore cracks and repair water damages that have been done to walls, flooring, etc. It prevents cracks from leaking continuously and it is used to maintain the structure’s operational integrity.

PU Grouting Process

  1. Hole is drilled through the surface on a wall / floor / ceiling
  2. Grout is injected
  3. Grout expands to fill the crack
  4. Hole is covered and sealed

When do you need PU Grouting?

  • Deep holes in a wall
  • Cracks in concrete floors, basements, swimming pools, side walls, sewer lines etc.
  • When you see leakages flowing through cracks or even honeycombed concrete voids
  • Water damages that can be seen in a wall that is damp

Why do PU Grouting?

  • Great waterproofing solution for cracks
  • Fast and efficient repair solution
  • No noise pollution associated with this type of service
  • No need for tile reconstruction or breaking
  • Reinstates the strength of the structure
  • The strong anti-decay solution that is non-toxic

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