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Where Did The Water Come From?

If you notice water on the floor around the toilet and you know that it did not come from the kids splashing water around the bathroom sink or from your dog getting a free drink, then it is critical that you find out where the leak is coming from and fix it immediately.

Toilet leaks not only waste water, they cause the toilet floor to be wet and slippery.  This increases the probability of slipping accidentally, resulting in expensive medical bills. If you have elderly parents or young kids at home, you should take special care to keep your toilet floor clean and dry at all times.

toilet leak can also cause major structural problems when water seeps into the toilet floor and down to the ceiling of the apartment below.  If your neighbor downstairs complains to you about her leaking ceiling, you may have to bring in a professional plumber to make some major and expensive repairs.

Water leakage issues often lead to growth of mould on your walls, ceilings and even doors. To avoid health issues and allergies caused by breathing in those mould spores, we highly recommend any water leakage be rectified immediately, and the mouldy areas cleaned thoroughly.

Leaking Toilet Tank

While flushing the toilet, you notice that water seems to leak from between the toilet tank and the toilet bowl. Such leaks may be due to a leak in the tank-to-bowl seal, or around the tank-to-bowl mounting bolts.

A toilet tank leak is a common problem and can be caused by the tank bolts that go through the bottom of the tank and connect the tank to the toilet base. Each bolt has a rubber gasket between the bolt head and the tank to stop water from leaking.

The spud washer, which seals the gap between the flush valve and bowl can also develop a leak problem. Over time, hard water and minerals cause the gaskets and spud washer to deteriorate and fail.

A properly operating toilet should be able to store water in the toilet tank indefinitely without any water running into the toilet bowl.

Not all toilet leaks come from inside or the underside of the toilet tank though. Sometimes the humid weather can cause condensation to form on the outside of the toilet tank too.

Leaking Toilet Bowl

Water on the floor around the toilet base could mean several things.

A leaky toilet bowl may mean that the wax sealing ring under the bowl has disintegrated, or the bowl has cracked.

Repairing a leaky toilet bowl is a messy repair job.

It has two-parts:

Part one involves removing the toilet tank, and part two involves removing the toilet base (bowl).

Leaking Toilet Bowl Gasket

One reason your toilet bowl is leaking may be because your toilet bowl gasket, also known as toilet bowl seal, has broke.

The toilet bowl gasket actually helps to seal the gas, odour and water within the toilet bowl.

As this is not an easy problem to solve by a layman, contact our reliable plumbing expert to solve the issue for you.

Save Water, Save Money

A leaking toilet should never be ignored.

Just because a leak inside a toilet is often not visible or audible, many people could not believe their high water bills due to a neglected toilet.

Do not wait for major structural problems to happen to your floor or ceiling due to water seepage before calling in the plumber. By then, expect to pay for flooring repair/replacement costs on top of your plumbing costs.

You do not have to worry about where the leaks are coming from and how to repair them. Leave it to our team of professional plumbers.

Call us and we will help you assess the situation on hand. Our plumbing specialists will advise you whether to repair or replace certain parts, or install a new toilet, whichever is the most cost-effective solution.