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Why you need a basement waterproofing specialist

We provide additional guidance on the need for a basement waterproofing expert in this technical article. During construction, it is imperative that all work be completed within the appropriate tolerances.

Many self-builders and developers are converting damp basements and building parts of new houses below ground. There is no need to build high in order to create more living space within the dimensions of the building footprint. It can increase the risk of water ingress if not designed or installed properly. As such, it is imperative to engage the appropriate experts to manage the risk accordingly.


We require the services of a waterproofing specialist for all basements, floors, and other structures constructed partly or entirely below ground, where moisture from entering the building must be prevented.

Any floor on a sloping site that is below ground level on one or more elevations would be an example of construction partially below ground.


In order to achieve an integrated waterproofing solution, a waterproofing specialist needs to be a member of the design team. 

A waterproofing specialist should be part of the design team from the earliest stages…The waterproofing specialist must be responsible for design liability for waterproofing and have appropriate professional indemnity insurance covering their business activities. In addition, they should be knowledgeable about hydrology and soil mechanics, as well as hold relevant professional qualifications.


Someone who has earned the BCA Ceterficate would be a reliable waterproofing expert.