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Add Versatility, Style And Wow-factor To Wedding Venues With Retractable Glass Roof Systems

Aside from cold feet and the usual pre-wedding jitters, what is one of the biggest worries on the minds of couples about to say ‘I do’? The weather, of course! If you own a wedding venue, you will know all too well how big of an issue an unexpected thunderstorm or summer shower can be. It’s time to eliminate the concern completely for you, the operator, and your soon to be wed clients, all the while adding extra value to the aesthetic of the venue, with the help of a retractable glass roof system from Le Fong Contractor!

Why Embrace This Solution? 

Wedding venues need to look spectacular for the event itself and the photos combined with a sophisticated retractable glass roof system will help them to do just that. Plus, a retractable roof room means year-round weddings, a much longer waiting list, and guaranteed interest from loved-up couples who are looking for peace of mind.

Retractable roof systems are a great solution not only for keeping rain and snow from ruining a special day but also for letting the sunshine and fresh air in on those days when the weather decides to cooperate. They help to keep wedding venues fresh and cool, as well as dry and warm, as needed.

Why OpenAire? 

An Le Fong’s retractable roof will ensure your venue stands out from the list of wedding venue options for rent in your location. With a weather guarantee, and the ability to have pictures, photo shots inside and out, year-round, your venue is sure to beat out the competition every time. OpenAire’s systems are aluminum so are maintenance-free and come with a full five-year warranty, meaning that you and your team can focus on marketing your facility to potential couples, while the facility itself remains worry-free.

Keen to learn more about retractable glass roof systems for wedding venues? Then book a consultation with the experts at OpenAire today!