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Water leaks can cause many issues in your home. It can be about the entire structure of the building, cause issues with mold, and create an atmosphere that adds to the health problems of the home’s occupants. In Singapore, from mid-June to the end of September, the annual rainy season often causes a great deal of water damage as the sky pours water over the weakened pools, roofs, or around foundations and seeps into the property. The Singapore rainy season accounts for many of our emergency restoration service calls. Luckily, there are things you can do to help minimize any damage from rainy season or other water problems.


Avoiding Monsoon Water Leaks and Other Water


Roofs are often the most damaged part of the home when the rainy season occurs. Any weakening of the seals at seams or any loose shingles or tiles can provide spots for the rain to leak into your home. Make sure your roof is in optimal shape and invest in putting rain gutters on your home if you don’t already have them. These will help save both the roof and the foundation by providing a path for water to quickly drain from the roof and be directed away from pooling near your foundation. Investing in waterproofing of your roof will more than pay for itself in water damage protection.


Do a tour of your home and check the foundation. Are there any spots where you see cracks or the concrete is crumbling? Get them fixed now before rain leaks in and makes them worse. If there are spots around the foundation where water seems to pool, add a drainage system to prevent the problem. This can be done by including a downspout from your gutters to direct the water flow away. Another solution would be to add an in-ground drain to your yard and use a porous material while building any decks.


Trees look nice and provide necessary shade, but sick or dying trees can completely tumble during the high winds of the rainy season. Even healthy trees may have branches that fall off during the wind. Make sure any branches are at least ten feet from your roof to help minimize the chances of them falling onto the roof and creating holes or prying up roofing tiles.


AT Le Fong Contractor, we know how frustrating and harmful water damage can be. We have been performing restoration services in the Singapore area long enough to get your work done quickly and efficiently. Contact us now if you have water damage caused by a rainy season or any other issue and we will have you dry and back to normal as soon as possible.