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Benefits of Rope Access for Building Cleaning and Maintenance

When the exterior of high-rise commercial or industrial properties needs to be cleaned or maintained, a professional solution is required.

At Le Fong Contractor we use specialist rope access techniques to perform this type of work, offering the safest approach for our staff and the best cleaning results for our clients.

Here we look at some of the most important benefits offered by rope access when performing cleaning and maintenance works at height.


A key advantage of rope access cleaning is that it provides a higher level of accessibility to tall buildings than alternatives such as stationary platforms and access machines. Rope cleaning requires no access to flat ground and is a perfect solution for buildings in crowded public areas.


Rope access allows operatives to reach areas of a property’s exterior that would be impossible with alternative methods. This is particularly useful for tall buildings that are particularly wide or have design features that are difficult to clean properly without close contact.


When performed by qualified professionals, rope access cleaning is one of the safest ways to clean tall buildings from height. All Le Fong operatives are IRATA Rope Access level 3 qualified and we are able to provide teams to clean at height with the highest level of service and competence.


Another advantage of using rope access methods lies in the safety and speed with which workers can get to and from different locations in order to carry out their work. This means that cleaning at height can be performed quickly, effectively and with excellent results.


Because of the easy accessibility and speed of service offered by rope access cleaning, works can normally be performed with minimal impact on business operations and with no ill effect on the local area or neighboring properties.

With leading-edge technology and trained, experienced operators Le Fong is the leading supplier of cleaning and maintenance at height in the UK.

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