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Effective Nanotechnology Waterproofing for Landed Homes

Did you know that it’s not just the bathrooms and toilets of a home that need to be waterproofed?

Settling down in a nice landed property is the dream for many. It’s not an easy goal to reach- but you’ve done it! Still, we find that many homeowners should take into account that there are some extra preventative measures they can take to keep their property looking good and free from wear-and-tear damage for longer.

Here are 4 areas at home that need waterproofing!

1. Bathrooms are the cause of most water damage issues at home.

It is not uncommon to see waterproofing issues in first-floor bathrooms and toilets due to their frequent contact with water. If a bathroom is not ventilated properly, moisture from a shower will collect and seep into the grout! If you’re unlucky, these wet grouts will crack, allowing water droplets to penetrate the ceiling below. Your walls or ceiling will have yellow stains by the time you notice a leak.

Mold buildup in the corners of your bathroom can be a sign of water damage in your home. Slimy and grimy grouts are difficult to clean due to the deep penetration of bacteria, mould, and other microbes into the concrete.

2. Your balcony is at risk of water damage!

Roof leaks and water damage from balcony areas will cause chipped paint on your walls and ceilings. There is a possibility that the problems will spread from the balcony to the car porch area as well.  Concrete or wooden balconies in humid or rainy environments are more vulnerable to damage, as they are submerged in water for a longer period of time.

The balcony should be equipped with a drainage system that prevents water from pooling. Grease, mold, and dirt can clog these drainage systems. As a result of the pressure from this dirty pool of water, hairline cracks would form on your balcony, allowing water to seep through to the ceiling or wall below.

However, you can prevent this by making sure your wooden or tiled balcony areas are properly waterproofed. Le Fong recommends homeowners use our Le Fong Nanotechnology Waterproofing solution as it doesn’t affect the appearance of their balcony tiles while keeping them easy-to-maintain. Our clear, hydrophobic solution makes it difficult for grime, or unwanted microbial organisms from latching on and spreading on the surface.

3. Concrete flat roofs are known to pool water and cause water leakage issues on the ceilings below.

Uneven surfaces collect still water, causing hairline cracks to form from the pressure over time. As a homeowner, you may see this often near air-con outdoor unit areas or at the water reserve tank area. These areas are prone to dampness and are likely to influence water leakage to occur over time.

Nano-G Landed House Water Leakage Issue

In many cases, homeowners will notice a puddle of water has formed somewhere under the porch of their car. Usually this is due to the roof above, or water had seeped through in the gutters or drainage corners. Your home will remain as new as the day you bought it by choosing to keep it in tip-top shape.

Have you noticed that your concrete flat roof is leaking and growing black with mould? Give your roofs a thorough clean and waterproofing with Le Fong Nanotechnology Waterproofing. Additionally, we paint an extra protective coating in addition to removing built-up dirt, mould, and grime from your rood. Requests are welcome.

4. Your home’s exterior walls are likely to get weather damaged, too. 

Home may provide a safe shelter for us from heavy rains and hot suns- but they need maintenance and protection too. As your home ages, you might have noticed that its exterior walls have become stained with rain, dirt, and dust. A lot of times they accumulate in places that are hard to reach and clean by hand.

When it comes to providing homeowners with the best nanotechnology waterproofing solution in the market, Le Fong is your go-to expert.

It’s not enough to just use regular house paint on these exterior walls. By applying a proper waterproofing layer, dirt, dust and chrome can easily be cleaned by the rain. This is especially helpful with Le Fong Nanotechnology Waterproofing, our solution that creates a strong coating around your exterior walls that shields their surfaces from the environment.

5. Your swimming pool area is not safe from water damage, either!

Adding a pool to your home is a great idea. Weekends can be filled with fun activities, but they can also cause headaches if not properly maintained. The surrounding swim deck as well as the inside of the pool must be waterproofed. In addition to constantly being wet, the swim deck also risks deterioration from the chemicals in the water, which may cause cracks that reach the swimming pool underground. Such problems are often hidden from view.

Renovations are more expensive than prevention. A poorly designed pool could fail due to inadequate waterproofing. For homeowners, it is a good idea to thoroughly waterproof their swimming pool decks, tiles and drains with a waterproofing solution that will last.


We offer Le Fong Nanotechnology Waterproofing services in any room of your house. We offer a powerful nanotechnology solution that can be used on many surfaces that come into contact with water regularly. Following an inspection of your premises, we help plan and implement a waterproofing solution near swimming pool areas that are at risk of failure.