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How to Spot Water Damage in Your Home in Singapore

As we look forward to Mid Autumn Festival, this season brings us damp, humid and rainy weather. This will result in water leakages and molding in your house. The damage resulting from such an experience can be as messy or worse than the actual flood. There are many ways to experience water damage in your home. One of the most recognisable forms of this type of damage is basement flooding. If you are wondering if you have experienced water damage in your home, here are some signs that may help you decide.

Damp Smell/ Odour

One of the first signs of water damage is going to be a musty or mildew odour. Mold that is visible on anything other than blue cheese is a sign of water damage. While the water may have disappeared, it has left behind a breeding ground for mold, which can cause serious structural and health problems. While black mold is often the most dangerous, any mold can cause respiratory issues over time.

Damaged Paint or Drywall

Too much moisture can cause significant damage, such as bulging drywall or peeling paint. Signs that your drywall has suffered water damage include bulging, warping, sagging, and feeling soft and spongey. Water damage may be occurring if paint or wallpaper is peeling, flaking, or bubbling.

Stains on the wall

Even after the moisture is removed, some sort of visible staining may remain. If you notice that stains are still growing after a week, that’s a sign of continuing water damage and requires the eye and experience of a professional.

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