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Waterproof concrete properties with Membrane and some Waterproofing services in Singapore.

Concrete roofs have been an integral part of modern architecture for decades in Singapore. Although they are typically seen as rooftops for commercial buildings, with changes to styles and architecture for residential buildings, homes are now also being constructed using this roofing method, with concrete shingles also starting to become popular in residential home structures. Even though concrete has been chosen as a superior material for both housing and commercial structures, it doesn’t mean that it is not susceptible to damage from the elements, especially in the weather condition of Singapore. But there’s many things you can do to prevent this bad scenario, such as using Membrane waterproofing services.

Concrete cancer

Taking measures to prevent concrete cancer can be devastating, but what causes it? The term itself is a bit of a catch-all for a variety of problems associated with concrete embedded with steel. 

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Concrete flat roof construction and issues 

It is now more common to see home designs which incorporate a flat roof in order to make it look both appealing and elegant in style. However, proper design of such a roof style is required in order to ensure rainwater is drained away from the roof as soon as possible. ‘Water-ponding’, or the stagnation of water due to rainfall on such roofs, is the leading cause of the deterioration of concrete materials in roofing.

Variations in both temperature and moisture levels can lead to differential thermal movement. Combined with the potential acids left by rain that has evaporated, this can lead to the serious deterioration of what should be a stable, concrete roof.

During construction, concrete is reinforced with steel bars or, in some cases, mesh. As a metal, steel can corrode after exposure to elements, like water or air. Steel that is corroding is forced to expand. This expansion causes the surrounding concrete to crack and even break. Cracking exposes even more of the steel which leads to increased oxidation and further damage to the concrete. The belief that steel rods won’t come in contact with water because they’re surrounded by concrete is simply wrong. It’s important to understand that concrete is porous, and can absorb water. 

In Singapore, waterproofing services is the way to go if you want to avoid damage from occurring earlier than anticipated and will inevitably help your concrete roof to last a lot longer. Adding waterproofing to your roof is a great way to protect your building and is well worth the investment. Also, a failure to adequately waterproofing roof or waterproofing balcony can increase the likelihood of concrete cancer. That’s why it’s essential to take the proper precautions to prevent concrete cancer. In situations that demand remediation, there are also things you can do. 

There are four stages of concrete cancer progression. In general terms, the cost to fix concrete cancers multiples by roughly five through each stage of cancer’s progression in the concrete. Design, construction and curing of concrete corrosion has initiated, but damage propagation hasn’t started. Deterioration begins to propagate through the concrete. Advanced propagation concrete cancer and significant damage. By the fourth stage, a complete knockdown of the structure might be the only solution. So remember to hire a waterproofing contractor ASAP if you think your premises have concrete cancer. The first step in preventing or repairing concrete cancer is to have the structure analysed by a specialist. From here, recommendations can be made by the contractor for remediation of the structure and ongoing prevention, which is so-called water leakage. In most cases, if you take action and use waterproofing services early enough, the structure won’t need to be knocked down.

Waterproofing Membrane

All exposed concrete should be protected carefully with a waterproofing membrane. A failure to use the professional waterproofing services, or to properly apply the waterproofing membrane could increase the risk of concrete cancer to your structure, leading to expensive maintenance, repairs and replacements down the track. 

How long should a waterproofing membrane last? 

In the weather condition of Singapore, good concrete hardener will last around five years before a reapplication is required. Re-roofing or re-waterproofing should be completed as regularly scheduled maintenance works and prioritized to prevent damage.

How does an installation of waterproofing services work? 

When using waterproofing services for waterproofing roofs or waterproofing balconies, a chemical liquid waterproofing membrane is applied to the surface of the concrete. The membrane is impermeable (provided it is applied correctly) and forms a waterproofing membrane around the concrete, preventing moisture from entering the concrete. Topical sealers can be made from acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane-based materials. Many are decorative in colour and style.

Are there permanent waterproofing membrane? 

Permanent waterproofing membranes do exist, though they leave a matte finish and are not available in decorative colours. Permanent sealers work by filling all the tiny holes in the concrete. They are made from silicate, silanes or siliconate and are also referred to as penetrating concrete sealers.

Protecting your concrete rooftop is exposed to the elements 24/7, so it’s essential that they are properly designed and waterproofed to prevent leaks through the roof. Rooftop leaking can cause ongoing issues in the home. Beyond water damage to the interior, it can also affect electrical components, lighting, and insulation. That’s when you have to use waterproofing services. Ideally, you want preventative measures in place from the get-go, but if you think your concrete rooftop could be leaking or letting moisture in, it’s better to take action sooner rather than later.

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