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Light Weight Mortar With Knockout Potential

Civil engineering projects can take many forms, involving anything from tunnels and basements to roads and coastal protection structures.

The one common element of these projects is the need for excellence. The business working on the project requires both professionals of a high standard and leading-edge material technology.

While we can’t help with recruitment, our team is able to provide insight into leading cement, grout and mortar products coupled with experienced skill expertise.

A great example of a product with outstanding potential. This lightweight, high-build cementitious mortar is formed from a one component polymer modified powder blend and can make the difference in a number of civil engineering scenarios.

What are the uses

Over recent years, we have invested a considerable amount of time and effort into ensuring this product can meet the standard of civil engineers. As a result of this testing, it has been developed to provide high quality architectural repair finishes in relation to the reinstatement of reinforced concrete.

This is a highly technical area of civil engineering and businesses need to know that the high build mortar can do the job every time. In fact, we can guarantee that our products will remain stable through over a century of environmental changes.

It is important to note that a structural engineer should be involved in both the product selection and design phases. This will ensure the right we offer is used on site and the repairs are approved by relevant authorities.

What are the advantages

There are a number of associated advantages that make it an industry leader. Here are three examples.

  1. Polymer modified
    Depending on the environment, there could be a lot of moisture that can destabilise the concrete and impact of the build. With this issue in mind, our product is polymer modified which ensures an extremely low level of permeability.
  2. Lightweight
    In addition to being easier to handle and transport, a lightweight mortar is perfect for both overhead and high build applications. In many civil engineering contexts, this is a benefit that must be considered.
  3. Type C Class control grout
    It meets the Type C Class requirements of the US Corps of Engineers for non-shrink grouts. This is proof that it is well-respected and developed with professionalism in mind.