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Notice the detail of aluminum plastic board adhesive

(1)The surface of the aluminum-plastic board after applying the adhesive is very easy to absorb the dust in the air, so the site should be kept clean, and the dirt should be avoided as much as possible. Operators should wear protective gloves and overalls during construction.
(2)In order to prevent the adhesive from absorbing moisture and reducing the bonding strength, the relative humidity in the room can be appropriately controlled.
(3)Do not touch open flames or high temperatures due to volatile solvents in the adhesive. Air circulation should be maintained in the construction area. If the temperature is too high, the container is not well sealed or the exposure time is too long, the solvent is volatile, resulting in excessive viscosity and construction.
(4)Adhesives should be stored in a sealed container in a cool, unobstructed warehouse. Do not expose to direct sunlight. The effective storage period is one year.
(5)After the wall surface is solidified, the protective film on the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is removed, and a special aluminum alloy bead is installed on the wall surface at a pitch of 600 mm, and the self-tapping screw is used for nailing.