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ON THE SHOP FLOOR: Expansion Joint Transitions Watertight, Leak Checked

Our amazing, smiling, weld team continue to crank out parking garage expansion joints customized to follow any changes in plane and direction you throw at them. And, yes, they are smiling!

Here they’ve not only taken our Thrmaflex winged joint through a complex double/dogleg tee, but they’ve provided a welded, reinforced, leak-checked transition from the big TCR-500 seal to the smaller TCR-400 seal. This means no concrete cutting in the field, no field splicing except for the butt joins to long straight lengths, and continuity of seal throughout the joint.

When like-minded engineers, contractors, and Emseal work together and think, design, detail, manufacture and install 3-D solutions, building owners and property managers can expect trouble-free, lowest-total-cost-of-ownership expansion joints.

Let us know how we can help on your parking project.