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Tips for maintaining a healthy roof

Maintaining the health of your roof will save you thousands in the long run and ensure you protect your most valuable asset – your home. All roofs will deteriorate over time, it’s inevitable, however, with these simple tips you can ensure to get the full lifetime out of your roof:
  • Check your gutter regularly – blockages cause problems and some debris is very acidic so will deteriorate at an increased speed.
  • Pay special attention to any metal parts of your roof as these can get to a critical state of decay very quickly.
  • Do a water pressure clean on your roof to remove any rot, debris or dirt build ups from adverse weather conditions. You may need to do apply a sterilising agent or anti-fungicide depending on the material your roof is made of.
  • Check ridge capping is in good condition,when mortar is cracked or breaking away re cementing will be requred
  • Check roof sarking on skillion roofs (flat roofs).If holes are in the roof sarking new sarking will be needed.