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Why Waterproofing Toilet and Bathroom is necessary in Singapore

It is simple, if you feel there is some issue with waterproofing your bathroom, it can really go wrong big time. The people who have experienced the issue of water dripping through their bathroom ceiling know that if it went untreated, their beautiful property will soon be turned into a living nightmare.

Generally, while carrying out water leakage or waterproofing bathroom, most people tend to consider a few common things like tiles and paint on the top of the existing plasterboard or floorboards. Though these keep your renovation cost low, it is not recommended to apply just an additional layer over the existing one as these surfaces aren’t always particularly suited to damp conditions. Moreover, this can also lead to increasing problems down the line. 

There are many reasons and benefits attached to waterproofing toilet and bathroom apart from making the walls water-resistant. So what are they? Let us find out 05 reasons why waterproofing toilet and bathroom is necessary in Singapore.

1. Waterproofing toilet and bathroom stops the Leaking Issue

As per the law of gravitation, the water is bound to find the easiest and quickest route downwards. Water can easily start seeping through if your bathroom has a weak point or some cracks have been developed on your floors or walls or if the gaps are getting formed in the sealant between your walls and bathroom.

Wet room waterproof boards

This can further create damp walls and ceilings; it can even turn into a serious issue if drops of water fall on the light fixtures. Waterproofing toilet and bathroom is the best solution to avoid these adversities.

2. Waterproofing toilet and bathroom prevents Damp and Mould

The leaks are pretty visible on the exteriors of your walls and floor but there are many issues underneath as well, that you cannot see. If you are renovating your bathroom, you may have removed the tiles to find the damp, plaster or the rotten looking plywood. If you find any of these, it is sure that they must have come into constant contact with the water.

In order to prevent the condensation and damp from occurring again, waterproofing toilet and bathroom by using waterproofing membrane or waterproofing epoxy are proved to be a great help.

3. Waterproofing toilet and bathroom provides Insulation

The benefits of waterproofing toilet and bathroom are not just limited to preventing leaks and damp formation. In fact, it also acts as a great insulator. In the case where your external walls of the property are connected with your bathroom, you know how cold those walls become, especially during winters. This means, your bathroom requires a good thermal unit to keep it warm. But, this, in turn, can cost you much more in the long run.

On the other hand, opting for waterproofing toilet and bathroom will help to keep them warm and will even contribute to reducing your energy bills!

4. Waterproofing toilet and bathroom creates Different Bathroom Options

You get the options of adding more designer touches to your waterproofing bathroom. The use of modern day styles like a wall-hung toilet and concealed cistern, wall hung basin and some handy corners for placing your essentials becomes very well possible. You can even turn your bathroom into a wet room with a highly contemporary open shower.

Considering these additions will not only provide you with the luxury and comfort that you wished to, but it will also add on to the style by making your bathroom all the more interesting.

5. Waterproofing toilet and bathroom increases your Property Value

This is all inter-linked. As said above, opting for a waterproofing bathroom will help you indulge in various modern-day amenities and styles. Renovating your bathroom space by replacing the old fixtures and essentials with the latest ones is bound to give you a totally new, refreshing look. Whenever a property is explored, apart from the general condition, one thing that people tend to focus on is the condition of the bathrooms.

When you already have waterproofed your bathroom, your probability of cracking an attractive deal is high as it will directly shoot up your property value.


Aren’t these 5 reasons convincing enough for you to opt for waterproofing toilet and bathroom? Save yourself time, effort and money by indulging in some imperative yet cost-effective solutions to keep your condition of the property intact.

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