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Why You Should Hire a Rope Access Technician to Clean The Windows of Your Company?

Did you know that according to data from The International Window Cleaning Association, there has been only one window cleaner fatality, between 2010 and 2014? In comparison, when high-rise window cleaning started in 1932 in New York, they averaged one fatality out of every 200 window cleaners annually.

Years ago, when so many windows opened from the inside, cleaning the outsides of large buildings was a lot easier. With the growing skyscraper landscape of glass curtain buildings, it becomes more complex to clean the windows.

Since the 1950s, the technology of window cleaning has come a long way. Rope access comes in as a perfect solution for carrying out work on buildings with minimal fuss, and cost-effective expertise.

Cleaning the windows of your business can be both time-consuming and dangerous. That is where the ideal solution comes in, hire a rope access technician to clean your company’s windows.

Rope Access, What Is It?

Rope access is a safe method for workers to access complicated and challenging work areas while working at an altitude.

There are many advantages to using rope access technicians. But the two advantages that stand out are speed and safety. These rope access technicians can maneuver to and from or reach challenging places to carry out their work. All this is also carried out with the least impact on other ongoing activities and the surroundings.

Another significant benefit is the reduction of the hours used to complete tasks. Far quicker than any other mode of access, thereby, decreasing costs.

Rope access uses high-quality approved ropes, straps, and harnesses. These secure to the roof of a building using engineered equipment.

Why Rope Access, to Clean the Windows of Your Company?

Rope access for window cleaning has several benefits over most other ways, and owners and office managers need to be aware of these.

Let’s look at the benefits of hiring a rope access technician and how this could benefit your company. In this post, we take a brief look at these benefits and explain how you and your business can benefit.

Safety First

Rope access technicians keep an excellent safety record for working at heights. Throughout the world, the rope access industry has a low rate of injuries and fatalities over the year. Of course, with the technology galop, the industry is continuously improving safety procedures.

The IRATA (The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) has introduced strict regulations that have to be adhered to. And, each rope access technician has to undergo professional training to achieve a high standard qualification.

Adaptability and Flexibility

No highrise is out of bounds for rope access technicians. They adapt to any situation. The environment, weather condition, terrain, and structure due to their equipment.

That makes it much easier to access those hard-to-reach places where the more traditional equipment, such as suspended platforms and scaffolding would be cumbersome and not easily accessible.

Saving Time

In rope access work, both deployment and setup time is much quicker than other types of access. Setting up is at most a couple of hours; however, it can be as little as mere minutes.

That means that work can get started quicker. They can reach their intended window cleaning task sooner, no matter how difficult the windows may be to reach.

That makes it so much easier to access those hard-to-reach places. The more traditional equipment, such as suspended platforms and scaffolding are more cumbersome and not easily accessible.

It’s Economical

Using less equipment, quicker setup times, and less staff required for the job will save on costs than other access methods.

The increased volume of work resulting from a rope access technician’s efficiency and effectiveness makes it an overall good value for money.

By hiring a rope access technician to clean your windows, you will know that you are getting your money’s worth, what with all the benefits it brings. With the money you save on window cleaning, you could relegate it to a more crucial primary spend.

It’s Non-Intrusive

One of the rope access’s key advantages is that technicians stay out of sight and are inconspicuous.

Rope access technicians have lightweight equipment and have an easy setup for their work. They are unobtrusive and do not interfere with your company’s typical day-to-day business.

Due to the technicians’ minimal equipment, the disruption to your employees is also minimal not like more traditional equipment such as scaffolding and suspended platforms. The flexibility of the rope they use to access the windows reduces damage to the buildings’ outer shell. It even contributes to the aesthetics during work by eliminating the ugly facade of scaffolding and suspended platforms.

Multidimensional Access

Rope access allows for many rope access technicians to work at once. Rope access technicians can have many workers working at once. Whereas the more traditional window cleaning setups will only allow for one or two suspended platforms per building side.

The more workers, the quicker the job will be completed, the less interference with employees and more saving on expenses.

Embrace Rope Access and Clean the Windows

What is the best way to clean the windows for your business? It is to hire a rope access technician to get it done! It goes without saying that, with its fantastic safety record, speed and efficiency, rope access technicians stand out as one of the best height window cleaning solutions.

If you manage or own a tall building, highrise or skyscraper, you will know that window cleaning can be cumbersome and expensive. That could dig into your expenses and consume a lot of precious management time. However, it doesn’t have to be so.

Contact us today to discuss your window cleaning requirements.