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Everything You Need to Know About Glass Shower Enclosures

When deciding to renovate your bathroom, the mere thought can be overwhelming. Bathrooms are one of the most important renovation projects you can take on, but it also can be the most rewarding. And one of the most popular features of a new bathroom is glass shower enclosures.

Glass showers can completely transform the look and function of your bathroom, but how do you know which design is right for your project? How do you even know where to get started?

To take some of the questions and confusion out of your mind, let’s discuss the ins and outs of glass shower enclosures. Once you know these things, you’ll find it easier to create your dream bathroom.



Adding a glass shower to your bathroom is a big decision. Luckily there are several advantages you should know about to help your decision along.

Can Be Customized for Your Space

Glass shower enclosures come in standard sizes that can make buying them for your project a breeze.

In case you’re looking for something more customized, especially if the measurements for your bathroom are anything than standard, the glass can be cut to your exact specifications. This gives flexibility to any shower design.

Making sure the measurements are accurate is key because it could end up costing more to fix any mistakes. That’s why it’s always best to let the professionals take the measurements for you.

Glass Showers Look Better

Glass doors give any bathroom a light, airy feeling. Keeping the lines of sight open really opens the visual space and aesthetic of the room.

With no walls or shower curtains to obstruct the views, your shower will be lighter and brighter. It can also help showcase any special tile design in your shower, adding to your bathroom’s decor.

And the great thing is that its minimalist look goes with any style preference. Whether you want a clean-lined, modern bathroom or a rustic one, glass shower enclosures will blend beautifully with them all.

Minimizes the Risk of Mold

When you use glass enclosures, you minimize the risk of mold and mildew buildup in your shower. And the less framework your shower enclosure has, the fewer areas are available for the mold and mildew to grow on.

Plus, your glass can have a special treatment applied that will make it easier to clean and maintain.

When you do need to clean your shower, there is no scrubbing required. A good wipe down or squeegee will do the trick just fine.

Things to Consider

Once you decide a glass shower is what you want in your bathroom, you must pick a model. There are many options and features you can choose from to create the perfect shower for your home.

Which Kind of Glass Enclosure Do You Want?

Glass shower enclosures come in three different options: framed, semi-frameless, and frameless. It all depends on your project and preferences.

Framed enclosures have framing that surrounds the entire surround and the door. This makes for the most budget-friendly and the sturdiest option of the three. However, it’s not the sleekest or most clean-lined in regard to aesthetics.

Semi-frameless enclosures have metal supporting the surround of the glass, but there is either very little framing on the door or the door is entirely frameless.

These features make this option sturdy and give it a more streamlined look compared to that of framed enclosures.

Frameless enclosures are the most popular option and have the most minimalist look.

Depending on the level of the shower conditions, the frameless glass will either be held in place with U channels or metal clips. If you have an area with a particularly longer span, a header may need to be used.

What Kind of Glass do You Prefer?

When it comes to the glass of your shower enclosure, you have several options to create the perfect combo of features for you and your project.

The glass thickness is a major consideration.

Glass shower enclosures typically range between 5/32″ to 1/2″ in thickness. 1/2″ is considered to be the best looking, but also creates issues with the heavyweight of it.

Depending on what type of frame and attachments you choose, it will have an effect on how thick your glass can be. It’s best to talk to a professional to make sure you pick the best option.

After you decide on the thickness, determine how you want your glass to look. It will come in low iron (truly clear), clear (traditional glass), obscure, patterned glass, and different tints. It all comes down to personal preference and how you want the finished shower to look.

Consider these aspects when deciding if you want that special treatment applied to the glass to make it easier to clean.

Which Kind of Hinge Do You Want?

As with the frames, glass shower enclosures come with three options when it comes to how you want the door hinged.

Sliding doors are just that – they slide on a traditional track. These are mostly used over bathtub and shower combos.

Hinge doors are like the typical hinges we see on most doors in our house. They can either be hinged at the top, middle, and bottom. Sometimes they can have one continuous hinge down the length of the door.

Pivot doors turn at the top and bottom of the door only, allowing for a very clean-lined, uninterrupted appearance.

Glass Shower Enclosures Will Enhance Any Bathroom

No matter the style or size of your bathroom, adding a glass shower will be sure to enhance both its look and function. It will quickly become the favorite feature in your new bathroom design.

Ready to install a glass shower enclosure in your home? Let us help! Contact us today to set up your consultation.